November 2015

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  • Newsletter – Autumn II 2015/2016

    NEWSLETTER –Autumn II 2015 Time is flying past; I can hardly believe that it the count own to Christmas! Welcome to the second half of the autumn term. This half-term our theme will be festivals and celebrations. We will be thinking about our signing, day and night, sources of light, animals, autumn changes, recognising numbers, getting ready for winter amongst other things. Week 1 Fireworks & Remembrance Week 2 Diwali – The Hindu festival of light Week 3 Advent – The natural world Week 4 Christmas – Animals Week 5 Christmas – stories and plays Week 6 The Nativity Week 7 Parties and Christmas fun!! We are happy to look at anything that you child would like to bring into the setting that you feel might link in with the topic (or not as the case may be) then they can talk about it in circle time. Stepping Stones will be open on Monday 16th November, even though the school is having an inset day. There will obviously be no wrap around to Nursery on that day but if it would help then you could book your child in for the full day with us instead. I would appreciate it […]

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We Provide
A safe, caring and stimulating environment where children are supported in developing their full potential:
  • A bright, caring and fun atmosphere
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Quality care for individual children with individual needs

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Our Values
Learning through play and caring

We will ensure the children in our care are encouraged to learn and become independent. By providing a safe enabling environment and a well planned curriculum, so children can learn at their own pace through activities based on their interests

Supporting families and the community

We will endeavour to build strong relationships with parents/carers so they are supported, treated with courtesy and understanding, and work with the setting to promote their child’s learning and development.

Maintain high standards of childcare

We will ensure our staff access continuous high quality training, which contributes to the settings quality of service and the provision of a high standard of pre-school education.